Monday, December 10, 2012

The last but not least...

Well gosh dang! Every week things are just up and down, up and down! Haha, it's great.

Last P-day we talked to Lisa at Walmart and I told her I wanted to come over to get a picture with them. We did that on Thursday and I promised myself I'd be very bold, because I'd never see them again anyway. So I asked them, "Why did you write us an extremely harsh note telling us you never wanted to see us again, and now a week later we are back over here and you’re acting like our best friends again?" They really opened up to us and I felt like we had an honest conversation. I won't get into details, but basically Jerry talked to his parents on the phone and mentioned he was preparing to be baptized into the Mormon Church. His dad gave him an earful, and assured him his infant baptism was all he needed. Jerry felt like his parents and family would disown him if he went through with it. We've all heard plenty of similar stories...

After that conversation, he and Lisa were talking about it and apparently got into a huge fight. They finally just said, "Fine! We're done! We won't do this anymore!" And in the heat of the moment they wrote that note to us.

We prayed with them, reminded them of how they've felt, and we invited the spirit. Long story short, they want us to come back, and they still want to be baptized. We are going over tomorrow to teach them again!

Some sad news. We had an appointment with Mark and we were going to set a date with him, but he disappeared. Nobody knew where he was for two days. Found out later that he started walking to Michigan...Yep. That's all I'm going to say about that!

But let me tell you of a miracle. Elder Norton and I have just been praying and working so hard because we want a baptism this year to contribute to our epic mission goal of 365. Well an investigator must attend church three times before he is baptized, and so this week was our last chance to find somebody, bring them to church three times, and then baptize them on the 29th.
Well, we got a referral from a recent convert, Lehland; his best friend Crystal, who is a single mom of four kids. She is very religious, but feels that something is missing from her religion, her spirituality, and her life. We taught her twice this week, one was focusing on answering her questions, the other one we taught the Restoration. We set a baptism date for the 29th, but she kind of freaked out and was acting weird about it. When we came back for the second appointment she told us that her husband left her last year on the 29th and she feels like she can't get over it. She had just prayed for God to help her move on, somehow. She felt like when we invited her to be baptized on that date it was a sign from God. Crystal and her four kids (two of them are over eight years old) came to church and loved it. She wants to be baptized, and the plans are in place.

Thank you so much for your letters and e-mails. I love you family and I'll see you on Thursday morning!

Elder Williams

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