Monday, November 26, 2012

A little bit of this

I don't have much more time to write! I will try to tell you some of the highlights of the roller coaster week.

You just never know what to expect when you wake up in the morning:  good or bad. We were really looking forward to our appointment with Lisa and Jerry, planning to teach the Word of Wisdom. We met Shem, a member, at their house at 10:00am, knocked on the door and then noticed a note they taped to the house.

Dear Elders. We regret to inform you that after much thought we no longer want to become Mormon... - The Andersons

From that moment on the day just felt gloomy, dark, and hopeless. We took some time to pray and seek direction on what to do. We basically received the answer to just be patient for now. The rest of the day was hard and awful, as well as most of the week.

Thanksgiving with the McKinney Family
Thanksgiving was great and we had the day off. We spent it with the Mckinney family and had a great meal, played some baseball, and just relaxed. It helped us to get our minds off of Lisa, Jerry, and the other discouraging parts of the week. Then the next day all of our appointments dropped, we decided to drop almost all of our investigators, we tracted the entire day and didn't even get inside one door. Bummer!

All of this junk going on motivated us to fast on Saturday so that we could find someone to teach. I wasn't sure how the day was going to go when our morning appointment cancelled and we were out tracting in the cold (I kept reminding myself that it wasn't near as cold as Russia, so I could do it). We tracted first thing in the morning for three hours straight and found 4 new investigators. One of them is a young teenage couple who had many great questions. The others were Rita and Janelle, two hilarious black ladies. It was so refreshing to do some teaching.

After a lot of tracting we were inspired to stop by Lisa and Jerry, and they were both home! They let us in, we had a prayer, and we asked them why they decided to drop us. One of their concerns was that they heard we only use the Book of Mormon and not the Bible. That was easily resolved when we reminded them of how much we read from it at church. The other thing they talked about was all of the trials and struggles they've been having lately, Jerry told us he is on probation until January, and he has court this week. We read from the Bible, and in JS History about the first vision and how Satan attacked Joseph, and we related it to them. We talked about seeking first the Kingdom of God, and committed both of them to come to church. They want to continue being taught, but obviously the baptism will probably have to be pushed back because of the probation.

Talk about an answered prayer and a strengthened testimony of fasting! We taught them again last night, talked about baptism, read from the Book of Mormon, and Jerry told us that when we showed up the day before and resolved their concerns, that it was an answer to his prayer and he felt the spirit very strong.

Pretty cool, how it started as a terrible week, but by the end we found 6 new investigators, taught 8 lessons, picked Jerry and Lisa back up, and had a couple other things happen that cannot be written.  J This work is so much fun and I really don't want it to end! Bummer that I won't have a baptism the day before I leave, but that’s okay. They will be baptized in January.

Keep it real and I will see you in a couple! I love and miss you

Elder Williams

p.s. Our fridge is full of thanksgiving leftovers from every family in the ward.

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